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Dear Autumn Annette Hecker (soon to be Fisher),

i just wanted to let you know how much i love you i got home from babysitting and i got on here, and i looked at pictures of you. and you know what? i started crying, for the first time in a while i cried on the outside. and do you know why? Because I love you soo much! it's hard to write proper english thru tears by the miss you soo much. im so afraid of remembering our times together so much that they run together and eventually run out like a picture rubbed so much it blurs and fades. right now im looking at a picture of you holding a blue rose, and i can see your hand. and the fact that you wear our ring without hesitation, that you actually do what you say means the world to me. because no one else does that.and sometimes i forget how far you've gone for me because im too wrapped up in the present. but you know what? i am soo thankful for you and i appreciate everything you do. even just wearing that necklace..i get choked. not cuz i gave it to you. but because you hold on just as hard as i do, and i've never met someone besides you who does that. i will marry you someday. You will have beautiful children, oh they will be perfect children.and we will love them like there is no tomorrow. and we will be together forever as a family. and every night i'll make love to you if you want. and i'll lay my life down for you. whatever you ask i will do my best to give. and you will return to your Father-in-Heaven with Honor knowing that you have lived the best life you could. that you were the best wife, friend, companion, mother, sister, aunt, neice, Daughter that anyone could've ever possibly dreamt of. and all i ask is to be there forever with you.....I love you Princess. You'll always be a Princess to Me. and as it were my only response can be 'As You Wish'
and well i think we both know what that really means...
I love You Autumn
Xane James Fisher
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